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What are silica gel beads inches
Our Interteck Packaging silica gel desiccant beads are used to absorb unwanted excess moisture that comes from the environment, temperature, weather conditions and keep things dry. Many premium products come with desiccant packs in the product packaging to keep them fresh and moisture-free for the consumer.
How to use:
We recommend using this cost-effective way of reducing humidity wherever you need it around your home, office, store, hospital, boat, RV, and wherever you need things to be protected from unwanted moisture. Pick up your choice of organza pouches and just hang these beads in various areas to replace electric humidifiers.
Product Description:
Bulk Beads Weight: 5 LB
About Interteck Packaging:
Looking for moisture control solutions for your home, office, hospital, store, boat, RV and more inches Look no further! Interteck Packaging has been relied on for effective moisture control solutions for leading business players from the pharmaceutical, electronics, food safety, transportation, government and other industries for years. With wide range of ability to customize delivery method of moisture absorbers, along with disciplined quality standards and cutting-edge technology, we lead the desiccants and moisture absorption industry.
Get your silica gel desiccant beads from Interteck Packaging today!

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