Best Way To Remove Sticky Labels From Plastic Containers

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Emraw Permanent Adhesive Mailing LabelThe Problem:
You need to send a parcel to a friend but you are not being able to write an address on the parcel properly.
You have a label with you which you plan to stick on the parcel for shipping it to the designated place but the adhesive is not at all good & the label does not stick properly.
Our Solution:
Our mailing label is the perfect option for sticking in on the parcel that you wish to send to your friend. You just need to stick the mailing label on the parcel & write the shipping address on it.
Our white mailing labels are of the superb quality which can be easily stuck on the packed goods. The shipping address of the customer needs to be written & the parcel will be delivered to the designated place.
The adhesive address labels come with a very good quality which does not come off easily & hence are great for sending long distance parcels.
25 Labels Per Pack
The pack consists of 25 labels in all which makes it convenient as well as economical for the customers.
Size of the Labels are Appropriate
The size of the white mailing labels is just appropriate to ideally suit all the requirements of the users.
2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ is the size of each of the mailing labels & their size makes it appropriate for sticking it on various packed products.
Permanent Adhesive
The adhesive of the mailing labels is extremely good & does not come off very easily which makes it excellent for long distance parcels.
The adhesive is permanent in nature which makes the product a dependable one which is why a lot of users prefer our mailing labels.
White Background Makes It Great
The mailing labels come with a white background color which makes it ideal for writing the address on it.
These labels are as such that the ink does not blot when the address is written on it.
Mailing label – Your Work Contributor.
✓ The Emraw Mailing Label (25/Pack) is an extremely good product which serves great purpose at the time of mailing a parcel to someone.
✓ SPECS: Our mailing labels come in a pack of 25 which makes it quite easier and convenient for the users to mail parcels or any other goods. The background color of the labels is white which makes writing on it clean as well neat.
✓ QUALITY: Our shipping address labels are made of high quality material so that none of the users have any complain about the quality of the product. The adhesive address labels are extremely durable in nature which makes it ideal for the intended purpose.
✓ DESIGN: The design of the labels so created by the manufacturers is just ideally suited for the purpose. The mailing address labels are appropriately designed to give them not only a very good look but also serves it purpose effectively.
✓ USES: These shipping labels as indicated by the name are used for the purpose of mailing goods or products to the designated places. The labels are appropriate to meet the requirements of the users.

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