Best Way To Plant Strawberries In Containers

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High-yieldingperennial with sweet berries and strong strawberry flavor. Ideal for flowerpots and balcony boxes.
They can be grown as an indoor plant all year round or started indoors between January and April. Cold treatment before planting is essential. Mix the seeds with peat moss and keep them in the fridge in a zip lock bag for 4-8 weeks. Press the seeds into the sterilized soil and keep the soil damp but not wet (pH 5.8 – 7.2). Seal the starter tray or pots inside a plastic bag until germination. When seedlings are large enough, transplant them into 3-inch pots, and grow them in cooler conditions. After the last frost has passed, harden the young plants off over a period of 7-10 days and transplant them outdoors. It is better to grow them in partial shade. 
Perennial wild strawberry with sweet large and juicy berries; Germination occurs in 14-30 days
They can be grown indoors all year round or started indoors between January and April for flowering from May to October; Sow 5-6 seeds per plant; Can be grown as a ground cover plant or in hanging pots
Cold stratification before planting is required; Keep seeds in a zip-lock bag mixed with moistened peat moss for 4-8 weeks in refrigerator
All seed counts are approximate due to the small size of the seeds; Store seeds in a cool and dry place
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