Best Way To Plant Potatoes In Containers

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Certified – The Idaho Potato that Idaho built its reputation on! Also known as the “Idaho Netted Gem” or simply “The Russet”. It is the most widely grown potato in the United States. We have eaten literally thousands of them baked, and the last one tasted just as good as the first. Dr. Burbank even admitted he was fortunate to have bred this cultivar. Culture Potatoes prefer fertile, loose, well-drained soil Forking beds is recommended Apply a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus such as bone meal — use 5-7 pounds per 100 square feet Proper soil pH of 5.2-6.0 will help avoid scab Irrigate thoroughly when needed, allow the soil to dry out somewhat before watering again Hilling: as plants grow, cover with soil, mulch, or compost, while leaving top-growth exposed Repeat hilling process 3-4 times throughout season Direct Sowing Plant potatoes up to 3 weeks before your last frost date Larger potatoes can be cut into smaller pieces to use as seed — allow the cut potato to heal before planting to prevent rot (2-3 days at 70°F)
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