Best Vegetable Plants To Grow In Containers

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seed starter trayseed starter tray

Germination Trays

Germination Trays

seed starter kit

seed starter kit

seed starter tray

seed starter tray


1、Our seed starter trays are made mainly of paper and peat moss


1、You can cut up each tray in advance so that.

2、you can be gentle while transferring them.


1. Plant the entire seed starter tray into the hole.

2. Cover them with soil.

seedling starter trayseedling starter tray

traytray Note:

1.Be patient to pull these paper trays apart from one another.

2.Please remember the seedling starter trays are made mainly of paper, so do not over water. If you are worried about crack and extra water or soil, you can refer to other people’s methods 3.such as placing in larger containers or reinforcing with cardboard.

Just follow the seedling guidelines below:

1. Fill the strips thoroughly with potting soil and water (make sure they are on a flat surface);

2. Sow seeds or cut strips and place them in a bright place;

3. Gradually expose to the sun;

4. Do not over water or let it dry out. Add water if necessary (Spray bottles are a good way to keep them moist);

5. As the seedlings grow, transplant a single pot directly into the ground and cover with soil;

6. This will help protect sensitive root systems and nurture strong plants.


The family gift:

1.You can encourage children to participate more in planting.

2.It may have contributed to calm naughty children (our peat pots can be biodegraded, thus limiting their damage to them), and provides a good opportunity for developing patience and responsibility.

【START INDOOR GARDEN】Starting an indoor garden is easy with our bulk pack of seeding pots. Perfect for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable saplings like tomatoes and cucumbers.
【100% BIODEGRADABLE】The material of the seedling pots are paper and grass charcoal,so our organic peat pots are easily degradable and completely recyclable
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】Well-ventilated, water saving and drought-resistant. Watering appropriately, due to the seed starter tray can automatically absorb moisture from the air or quickly absorb water in soil.
【FEATURES】When the Seed Starter trays begin to degrade, the roots are also strong enough to penetrate them. It overcomes the common problems of crooked roots and rotten roots in the cultivation of seedlings with plastic pots. Finally, becoming organic fertilizer.
【SERVICE】If you have any problem with the REAFOO seedling trays, please contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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