Best Oil To Use For Air Fryer

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The disposable greased paper is easy to use and clean,saving time and effort.
Using food grade parchment paper,it has good water and oil resistance and heat resistance.
The quantity is sufficient,including 100 linings,which can meet the daily baking and replacement.
Easy to use,just put the inner lining directly into the air fryer.
It has a wide range of uses and can be used for baking,grilling,frying or serving food.

Material:Silicone oil,wood pulp
Diameter:20cm/7.8 inch
Height:4.5 cm/1.8 inch
Color:wood color

Package Included:
1*Air fryer disposable paper lining (100 sheets)
Air Fryer Silicone Oil Paper:In the use of food baking,the non-stick pan is not easy to stick,waterproof and oil-proof,high and low temperature,the food made is delicious and tangy,making people have endless aftertastes.
Multiple Uses:It can be used to bake a variety of foods,similar to baking roast chicken,sweet potatoes,egg tarts and chicken fillets at home or camping.It is very convenient to meet the needs of daily home camping baking.
Strong Heat Resistance:The paper adopts double-sided silicone oil design,which is not easy to burn or break during the baking process.It is a good partner for air fryer.
Convenient to Clean:After baking and use,you only need to take out the oil-filled paper.Because the paper is oil-proof and waterproof,there is no need to clean the fryer,which saves time and effort.
Sufficient Quantity:The product includes 100 sheets of disposable oil-filled paper,which is sufficient for storage and can meet the needs of replacement during the baking process.It is cost-effective and practical.

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