Best Microwave Oven Grill Convection

Price: $13.99
(as of Jan 18,2022 12:37:59 UTC – Details)

What’s included: 
1 x Silicone Mat to cook crispy chicken, bacon, beef, steak, shrimp, seafood and veggies.
1 x Grill Mat to keep the basket and rack clean while cooking liquid foods such as pancakes and smaller foods such as veggies and tiny shrimp.
1 x Grilling Mesh to give the grilling taste to all foods, including smaller foods that would otherwise fall through the openings. 
✅ CONVECTION OVENS COMPATIBLE with Nuwave Oven Pro, Pro Plus & Elite and Flavorwave. It can also be used on Microwaves and Kitchen Ovens.
✅ HALOGEN OVENS COMPATIBLE with Big Boss Oven 16 Qt, Fagor Oven 12 Qt, Nutrichef Oven 18 Qt, Rosewell Oven 12 Liter / 12.6 Qt and Oyama Oven 12 Liter.
✅ HEALTHIER MEALS – Use the silicone air mat to allow extra fat, grease and oils to drip away from your food. The elevation allows air flow to cook food evenly. No more burnt or undercooked sides.
✅ BAKE, COOK OR GRILL LIQUID AND STICKY FOODS WITH NO MESS – The Grill Mat allows you to cook liquid and sticky foods such as eggs, pancakes, or BBQ without the hassle of cleaning the oven from food drippings. Simply place your food on top of the nonstick coating mat and cook your food easily while protecting your oven from sticky food residue and grease. Once finished, simply place this heat-resistant cooking tool in the dish washer or wash it with warm soapy water.
✅ PREVENT FOOD FROM FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS – The Grill Mesh mat allows you to cook small or loose foods such as french fries, nuggets, tater tots and vegetables without them falling out through the cracks of a rack. It works similar to an non-stick mesh basket or cookie sheet tray. The mesh allows for air to continue circulating evenly for that even crisp texture. Dishwasher safe.

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