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Have much function , can be fries ,roast,bake and so on . You can cook what you like !Have much function , can be fries ,roast,bake and so on . You can cook what you like !

Cook much delicious and healthy food

Everyone loves fried foods. It’s that crispy, delicious, crunchy texture and savory flavor that’s just irresistible.

Now, you can enjoy guilt-free pleasure with the 4.8 quarts Digital Air Fryer from IFAMILY. Crispy without the unwanted calories!

The time and temperature is for your reference . Time and temperature will be changed according the amount and size . If you don’t know how much used the fisrt time . It is recommended to adjust a small amount of time at a suitable temperature during operation, and to pull it out at any time and turn it over to observe the degree of cookedness of the food.

Four style for your reference. AF337 , AF338 , AF339,AF340.  Inluding cookbook and instrcution bookFour style for your reference. AF337 , AF338 , AF339,AF340.  Inluding cookbook and instrcution book

Healthy cooking choice and working principle

Benefit from the advanced 360° Rapid Air Circulation Technology, the Ifamily air fryer makes it possible to enjoy food that is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside with up to 85% less fat; High-performance circular heat technology that allows quick and even cooking every time; Enjoy your favorite flavorful foods while reducing your fat intake by cooking a variety of healthy dishes.

Item Weight: 9.15 pounds

Pot content: 4.8QT (4.5L)

Suitable number: 2-4 people


Single knob control,easy to use

Single knob control,easy to use

Nonstick frying basket

Nonstick frying basket

Easy to clean

Easy to clean


Two knob control. Gently turn and adjust the temperature and time you want. It will automatically power off when finished.


The oil of the food itself leaks down through the the food is less greasy and healthier.


Dishwaher and hand wash both ok .

healthy  and less oil , less fat

healthy  and less oil , less fat

Nonstick Basket

Nonstick Basket

Cook whole chicken

Cook whole chicken

More health and less oil

Potatoes are a little special and need a little oil when air fryer. 85% less oil and fat than traditionally deep-fried food but maintain the same delicious taste and is more crispy

Food grade coating

The surface of the basket has multiple layers of coating to avoid food sticking to the basket after work.

Automatic power off

Pull out the basket, power off automatically. Put in the basket, the air fryer will continue to work

Buy one equal to buy five = Save money

Buying one saves a lot of small appliancesBuying one saves a lot of small appliances

Save money for you

MULTI-FUNCTION:Can be can defrost, bake, heat,and grill . You can make Cake, Shrimp, Meat, Chips, Chicken Leg, Steak, Fish & Pizza according the Temperature and Time Knob. Time :0-30 minutes . Temperature:160-395F.
HEATHY EATING LIFESTYLE:Air circulation heat flow replaces hot oil. Common fried, fat leads to obesity. Air circulation heat flow can reduce oil intake by 80% without changing the taste of food, thus making you healthier.And enjoy heathy fried food anytime.
SAFETY PROTECTION AND EASY TO CLEAN :This air fryer made with healthy and durable material . The removable fryer basket is dishwasher-safe and the special nonstick coating that keeps food from bonding to the surface .It easy to clean after cook.The auto-shut off function prevents overcooking. The heating and power indicator lights will automatically turn off when the food is ready. Just set the temperature and timer and you’re done. Too easy! It’s efficient and convenient.
RECIPES AND INSTRUCTION BOOK: The instructions is not only describe the function, but also indicate kinds of foods ‘setting time and temperature. Comes with an exclusive cookbook which help you cook common foods .Like vegetables , meat , chicken ,chocolate cookie and so on .So plz don’t worry how to operate it .
PERFECT DESIGN AND HIGH CAPACITY: You can easily use 4.8 QT / 4.5 L air fryer to deep fry a whole chicken, bake a delicious cake and cook other foods for a family .Using mirrored design, it looks like a artistic work inside the kitchen. And with a high end atmosphere.Let you enjoy cooking.

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