Best Air Fryer Corn On The Cob

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Corn FieldCorn Field Locally Grown

Grown in Southern Indiana on a family farm just minutes down the road from our production facility.

JCs Wildlife Dried Corn Cobs

A sweet treat all critters will appreciate!

Grown in our hometown of Evansville, Indiana, this corn is as local as it gets. Each bag of corn is inspected before it leaves our warehouse to ensure peak freshness. Our goal is whole cobs rather than bare cores.

Whole kernel cobs Dried efficiently to prevent any mold Each bag weighs close to 14lbs Buy in bulk and save! Perfect for all sorts of critters, but not suitable for human consumption.

Corn attracts a wide variety of wildlife!



Adult Male Deer

Adult Male Deer






Squirrels absolutely love dried corn cobs. Throughout the year, the cobs give them a quick source of energy and a little sweet treat.


Place some corn out in your yard and deer are sure to find it. Bucks and does alike love the taste.


Raccoons and other backyard wildlife will stop by to take a peak at what the corn has to offer. Once they try it, they’ll keep coming back for more.


Chipmunks won’t pass up the opportunity to fill their cheeks with corn.

Each bag of corn weighs approximately 14 lbs
Grown in our hometown of Evansville, Indiana.
Treat your backyard critters to some delicious corn
Dried and packaged to promote freshness
Our dried corn will attract a wide variety of backyard creatures. Not for human consumption.

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